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Problematic Insect and Disease Control

Tree InfectionsAt Al Cherry Tree Service, we are experts at understanding trees.  We can spot the symptoms of unhealthy and dying trees plus identify common problems like insect, fungal and disease infections. 

It is important to identify tree insects and determine their impact on tree health.  Our certified arborists can help you identify which tree insects and diseases are harmful then recommend the best treatment to control.

We are experiencing heavy boring insect infestation in a variety of different tree species resulting in expensive tree removals.  This can be prevented by tree health maintenance, or environmentally friendly solutions.

Problematic Insects

Located in Horsham, PA and practicing over 50 years in Montgomery and Bucks Counties and the Philadelphia area.

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Problematic Insect and Disease Control Services!



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Since 1957, Al Cherry Tree Service has provided complete tree care including arboricultural consulting to the greater Montgomery and Bucks County areas. We specialize in Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Tree Spraying, Plant Health Care, Planting, Pruning & Landscaping and Arboricultural consulting services.


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