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Summer Tree Care Tips
  Summer Tree Care

Many homeowners enjoy their trees in the spring with their blooming flowers and budding green leaves and then later in the fall when the foliage turns various red, orange, and brown hues. In the summer, though, trees still need some attention. Basic maintenance and preventive services will keep your trees healthy and beautiful through the long, hot days and unexpected summer storms. Especially in younger trees, it’s important to provide proper care before they show signs of stress, such as wilting or yellowing leaves. Here are some quick tips to ensure the health of your trees:

Get an Evaluation/Inspection

Summer is a great time to hire a professional tree service to evaluate the overall health of your trees. A Certified Arborist can suggest treatments and procedures to correct any problems plus advise you on how to water and care for your trees to ensure they remain healthy and strong.

Inspect your trees regularly for insects, mites, or diseases, or any unusual changes in appearance that might indicate a problem. Accurate identification of the cause is essential for evaluating the situation and determining what, if any, management tactics are needed. Be aware that if a pest shows up, natural enemies that prey on it often appear as well.


Summer pruning is crucial to tree health. Properly shaped and trimmed branches not only encourage strong growth leading into fall but also allow more sunlight to reach low shrubs and grassy areas around the landscape, improving both the health and curb appeal of the whole yard. In addition, those homeowners with pools will have an added bonus of less debris to clean up from the water and around the deck, as well as sun-warmed water to luxuriate in during a late-day swim. Well-maintained trees not only provide gorgeous views outside your windows but also help raise the overall value of the home and surrounding property. A June consultation with a certified arborist can be the start of a summer love affair with your home’s great outdoors.

Al Cherry Tree Service provides Tree Evaluations and Inspections as well as Tree Pruning in Montgomery and Bucks counties including Warrington, Warminster and surrounding areas.

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